Tuesday, June 2, 2015

CEO of Boxed Pays Tuition for Employee's Kids

In a bold leaderhip move the CEO of Boxed , Chieh Huang, announced a program to pay tuition for children of his employees. Boxed is a discount online warehouse that sells everything from household products to groceries to pet food. Boxed is in high growth mode which means attracting and retaining talent is key to success. Chieh believes this is one way to make that happen. And he's funding this program with his own cash and stock.

In short,  the deal starts when Boxed goes public or is purchased. At that point college tuition will be covered for any child of each employee who is on staff the day of that event.  In other words Chieh is saying, help us reach our goal of going public or being acquired (in a presumably really sweet deal for everyone) and I'll help you (parents) reach this goal. Check out Chieh and the specifics of his deal in this interview .

Chieh's action and sincerity felt in the interview speak volumes about his ability to think creatively and generously about reaching his business goals by supporting a significant personal goal for parents among his employees. And I'm just guessing he does some really nice things for the non-parents in his employ, too.

Bravo Boxed.

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